Biosafety Cabinet(Class II)

Ergonomic Design
Negligible Maintenance

Biosafety Cabinet(Class II)


Biosafety complete construction made of mild steel powder coated with perforated stainless steel table top. or Biosafety complete construction made of stainless steel Quality 304 / 316 with perforated table top.
Integral powerful exhaust system, Built in positive Air Curtain effect to prevent inside air from going out and room from entering in, providing total process and operator safety.
Exhaust ducting to carry the air outside.
Front sliding door, U.V. light, Manometer, Gas cock etc. as Standard accessories.
HEPA Filter Media Glass fibre paper -Imported (Mini Pleat HEPA filter)
Particle reten􀀶on 0.3 micron
Efficiency 99.97%
Pressure Drop 23mm WG
Pre Filter Media Non woven -Sysnthetic Polyster (Washable)
Particle retention 10-15 microns
Efficiency 90%
Pressure drop 6 mm WG
Blower Assembly Single phase motor, 1440 RPM, directly coupled with a pair of Aluminium, Centrifugal impeller capacity 1000 CFM, Pressure 30mm WG
Exhaust Assembly Single phase Motor, 1440 RPM directly coupled with Aluminum impeller, Capacity-300 CFM, Ducting vy PVC pipe with rain guard-DIA 150mm
Ultra Violet Light Imported make i.e. SANYO Japan, Philips Holland
Fluorescent Light 2 or 4 feet with diffuser any standard make i.e. Philips, Surya etc.
Standard Pressure Manometer, Addi􀀶onal Power Point, Gas Inlet Nozzle, Accessories Caster Wheel, Wire cord as per customer includes requirements.
Model LSC - 360 (a) LSC - 360 (b) LSC - 360 (c) LSC - 360 (d)
Internal DiamentionW x D x H 900 X 600 X 678 mm 1200 x 600 x 678 mm 1500 x 600 x 678 mm 1800 x 600 x 678 mm

Application includes isolation and identification of plant / human pathogens, work in virology, tissue culture, sterility testing and recombinant DNA research.

This Biohazard Cabinet offers operator protection from low to moderate risk biological agents (or Chemical carcinogens), while providing a sterile work environment for the procedure.

The cabinet is kept under negative pressure with partial quantity of recirculated air exhausted through a HEPA filter.

The Additional main features are as under :- Specially suited for wet processing, water fab, chemical work, critical biological work involving virus and pathogens & for microbiology, biochemistry etc.

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