Fume hood

Safety in the Laboratory is a primary concern. The fume hoods meet the challenge high degree of efficiency. A wide variety of models and comprehensive option packages have been designed to enable you to tailor your fume hood to a specification

Fume hood


Are manufactured from best quality C.R.C.A. Sheets (Cold Rolled Case Annealed Low carbon steel sheets) of 18/20G which are duly epoxy polyester powder coated. Powder coating of this quality provides better protection from acid fumes in the lab.


Are manufactured from well seasoned teakwood and 12mm thick marine plywood panels. Outer surface are lined with laminates
Both Fumes Chamber: Are available with variety of lining and work surface like PP, PPGL, FRP, SS, (316), PVC, HDPE, suspended on suspended on safe device. It is provided with counter balance load for easy up and down movement * Are aerodynamically designed which provides most efficient airflow to the suction
Are double wall construction which provides easy maintenance, access to service like Water gas, electricity etc.
Are provided with support base having provision for air vent connection to evacuate lapped chemical vaporinside.
Are provided with switch for easy starting of the centrifugal fan. High quality HDPE/FRP/PPGL/PP/PVC pipes & accessories are used for FC during
We are using centrifugal PP/FRP Blower for Exhaust system of FC, 3 Phase Motor (Capacity according to need) is coupled with blower

Model LSC - 365 (a) LSC - 365 (b) LSC - 365 (c)
Internal Size( L x W x H) 1520 x 750 x 1150 mm 1220 x 750 x 1150 mm 920 x 750 x 1150 mm
Overall Length 6 feet 5 feet 4 feet

Application includes isolation and identification of plant / human pathogens, work in virology, tissue culture, sterility testing and recombinant DNA research. This Biohazard Cabinet offers operator protection from low to moderate risk biological agents (or Chemical carcinogens), while providing a sterile work environment for the procedure. The cabinet is kept under negative pressure with partial quantity of recirculated air exhausted through a HEPA filter. The Additional main features are as under :- Specially suited for wet processing, water fab, chemical work, critical biological work involving virus and pathogens & for microbiology, biochemistry etc.

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