Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave

Dental Autoclave

Vertical Autoclave

Horizontal Autoclave

Medical Autoclave

Superheated Water Shower Autoclaves

Portable Autoclave (Pressure Cooker Type)

Blood Chemistry Analyzer / Blood Analyzers

Albumin Analyzers (Albumin Testing)

Automated Biochemical Analyzer

Automated Blood Gas Systems

Blood Bank Automation System / Automated Blood Bank System

Blood Gas Analyzers

Blood Lactate Analyzer / Blood Lactate Testing Equipment

Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

HbA1c Analyzer / Hemoglobin Analyzer

Hematology Analyzers

Hemostasis Analyzer

Immunoassay Analyzer

Immunoassay System

Immunochemistry Analyzer

Laboratory Blood Glucose Analyzers

Biochemistry Lab Equipments

Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer


Electrolyte Analyzer

Flow Cytometer

Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Hematology Analyzer

Multi Test Analyzer

Dietary Fiber Analyzers

Solvent Extractors

Bench-top protein analyzer

Automatic protein analyzer / Dumas Method

Semi-automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer / Kjeldahl Distiller

Raw Fibre Analyzer

Semi Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Environmental Equipment

Climatic Chamber

Environmental Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber

Carbon Sulphur Analyzer

Nitrogen Evaporator

Thermal Shock Chambers


-25 °C Chest Deep Freezer

-25 °C Upright Deep Freezer

-30 °C Upright Deep Freezer

-40 °C Chest Deep Freezer

-40 °C Upright Deep Freezer

-60 °C ULT Chest Freezer

-60 °C Upright ULT Freezer

-86 °C ULT Chest Freezer

-86 °C Upright ULT Freezer

Hot Plate & Stirrer

Hot plate

HotPlate Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer

Particle Analysis / Particle Characterization

Automatic Titrator / Autotitration (Autotitrator)

Chemisorption Analyzer

Magnetic Analyzer (Metallic Iron Analyzer)

Particle Analysis / Characterization Accessories

Particle Analysis Sample Preparation Systems

Particle Counting (Particle Counter)

Particle Imaging Systems (Particle Shape Analysis)

Particle Size Measurement / Particle Sizing Systems

Physisorption Analysis


Stability Analyzers

Zeta Potential Analyzer

Rheometers / Viscometers

Capillary Rheometer

Cone and Plate Rheometer (Cone Plate Rheometers)

Cone and Plate Viscometer (Cone Plate Viscometers)

Controlled Stress Rheometer

Dynamic Shear Rheometer

Falling Ball Viscometer / Falling Sphere Viscometers

Kreb Viscometer

Microrheology Analyzer

Portable Viscometer

Rotational Rheometer

Rotational Viscometer / Rotary Viscometers

Stability Analyzers

Temperature Control Water Bath / Temperature Baths

Viscometer / Digital Viscometer

Viscometer / Rheometer Accessories


Micro Balance

Semi Micro Balance

Analytical Balance

Precision Balance

Top Loading Balance

Moisture Analyzer

Flame proof Balance

Baths and Circulators

Constant Temperature Circulating Water Bath

Electro-Thermostatic Oil Bath

Digital Water Bath

Water Bath Shaker (Shaking Water Bath)

Temperature Control Water Bath / Temperature Baths

Circulating Water Bath

Biological Safety Cabinet (Biosafety Cabinet)

Class I Biosafety Cabinets

Class II biological safety cabinets (A1, A2, B1, and B2)

Class III biosafety cabinets


Laboratory Centrifuge

High Speed Centrifuge

High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Low Speed Centrifuge

Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Hematocrit Centrifuge

Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge

Clinical Centrifuge

Continuous Flow Centrifuge


Tarsons SPINWIN™ MC 00 MicroCentrifuge

Tarsons SPINWIN™ MC 01 MicroCentrifuge

Tarsons SPINWIN™ MC 03 MicroCentrifuge

Tarsons SPINWIN™ MC 04 MicroCentrifuge

Tarsons SPINWIN™ RMC 05 Refrigerated MicroCentrifuge

Microplate Centrifuge

Mini Centrifuge

Refrigerated Laboratory Centrifuge

Tabletop Centrifuge


Centrifuge Rotors

Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer

Atomic Spectroscopy

Combustion Analyzer / CHN Analyzers

Magnetic Analyzer (Metallic Iron Analyzer)

Mass Spectrometers

Muffle Furnace (Benchtop)

Total Sulfite Analyzer

VOC Systems / VOC App pcoloraratus

X-Ray Spectrometer / X-Ray Diffraction

Gas Chromatography Equipment

GC / GC MS Software

GC Autosampler / GC Headspace Autosampler

GC Gas Regulators / High Purity Gas Regulator

Portable GC MS

GC System

GC MS Instrument

Multidimensional Gas Chromatography (MDGC / GCxGC)

HPLC System

HPLC Instrument

LC MS Instrument

Melting Point App pcoloraratus

Melting Point App pcoloraratus


3D Rotating Mixers

Lab Rotary Mixer

Multi-Tube Vortexer

Roller Mixer

Rotating Mixer

Vertical Rotating Mixer Vortexer


Benchtop Steam Sterilizer

Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer


Floor model incubator shakers

Laboratory Shakers And 3-D Rockers

Dual action shakers

Extra Large Capacity Orbital shakers

Separating funnel shakers

Vortex shakers

Water bath shakers

Rocking Shakers

Sieve Shaker


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