Hot Air Oven Labtype Digital

Ergonomic Design

Easy to use

High Temperature Accuracy

Better Uniformity

Hot Air Oven Labtype Digital

Double walled construction, Inner chamber made of Mild Steel / Stainless Steel 304 Q & exterior made of G.I. Sheets powder coated.

Gap between the walls is filled with special grade glass wool for proper insulation to avoid heat loss and thereby saving energy.

Air Ventilations is provided on the top of unit to remove hot gases / fumes.

The door is fully insulated with S.S lock, hinges.

Supplied with Stainless Steel wire mesh shelves.

Heating is by specially designed heaters made of special grade chrome plated Nichrome wire (ISI Approved) which is fitted at the bottom of the oven.

Temp. Range 50°C to 250°C
Temp. Accuracy ± 1°C
Digital Temp. Controller Micro-processor based Auto Tune P.I.D Digital Temperature Controller with PT 100 sensor & Resolution 0.1°C . Dual display one for process value (PV) & the another for Set Value of Tempreture (SV)
Inner Chamber Size W x D x H 12" X 12" X 12" 14" X 14" X 14" 18" X 18" X 18" 18" X 18" X 24" 24" X 24" X 24" 24" X 24" X 36"
RatingWatts 1250 1450 1750 2000 2500 3500
Rating K.W. 1 2 2 3 3 4

Motorised Air circulation Blower for Universal Tempreture.

S.S Trays.

Digital Temperature controller Cum Indicator with Timer.

Safety Thermostat.

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